There are no written proceedings, but pdf versions of the contributions are available below.

Invited talks are in bold

Presenter Talk (click on title for pdf file)
Javier Alonso Spectroscopic study of NGC6067
Nate Bastian Massive stars in the cluster context
Joachim Bestenlehner Automated spectra analysis for a large sample of stars
Ronny Blomme GES-WG13: OBA star spectrum analyses
Simone Daflon Galactic abundance gradient
Morgan Deal Instabilities induced by element accumulation inside A and B stars: their internal structure and evolution revisited
Alex de Koter Rotation & rotational mixing in massive stars
Selma de Mink Mergers hiding in the ESO-Gaia Survey
Sylvia Ekström Stellar evolution of massive stars
Nancy Evans Companions and Clusters: X-ray Certified
Marwan Gebran Fundamental parameters and chemical abundances of B and A stars in open clusters
Cyril Georgy Modelling massive stars populations
Jose Groh Effects of mass loss on the evolution and death of massive stars
Difeng Guo The Sco-Cen OB association
Artemio Herrero Spectral analysis of O-type stars in the GES
Danny Lennon Tarantula Surveys with VLT-Flames, Hubble and Gaia
Alex Lobel Spectral analysis of A-type stars in the GES
Laurent Mahy O and early B stars in the GES analysed by CMFGEN
Jesús Maíz Apellániz The Carina Nebula with Gaia-ESO: observations and spectral classification
Maria Messineo Evolved massive stars in W33 and in GMC 23.3-0.3
Michael Mohr-Smith New OB star candidates in the Carina Arm around Westerlund 2 from VPHAS+
Richard Monier The A stars abundance patterns in open clusters and constraints on current evolutionary models
Thierry Morel Spectral analysis of B-type stars in the GES
Martin Netopil The evolution of chemically peculiar stars
Maria Fernanda Nieva Spectrum analysis for early B-type stars: stellar parameters and abundances
Seungkyung Oh The dynamical ejections of O stars from young star clusters: the origin of field O stars
Richard Parker Using massive stars as probes of star formation
Kresimir Pavlovski Quantitative spectroscopy of stars in close binary systems
Ilka Petermann On the evolution and remnants of massive single and binary stars
Susanne Pfalzner How the cluster environment influences the formation of massive stars
Sofia Randich Status of the Gaia-ESO Survey
Hugues Sana Binarity in clusters
Andreas Sander Modeling the spectra of Wolf-Rayet and other hot massive stars
Sergio Simón-Díaz The IACOB project: a new era in the study of Galactic massive stars
Hugo Tabernero Stellar Parameters of red giants: a new flavour of the StePar code
Jing Tang New PARSEC evolutionary tracks of massive stars at low metallicity: testing canonical stellar evolution in nearby star-forming dwarf galaxies
Andrew Tkachenko Grid Search in Stellar Parameters (GSSP) code: a state-of-the-art software for the analysis of high-resolution stellar spectra
Dany Vanbeveren The evolution of massive close binaries: the effect on overall massive star population synthesis
Jorick Vink Mass-loss rates of massive stars with GES
Summary of discussions
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