The detailed programme is available here (pdf).

The abstracts are available here (pdf).

  • Session 1: General Gaia and Ges aspects and Data Reduction
  • Session 2: Spectral Analysis of massive stars
  • Session 3: Massive star evolution
  • Session 4: Massive stars in the cluster and galactic context

Invited speakers

  • Sofia Randich (Status of the Gaia-ESO Survey)
  • Jesús Maíz Apellániz (Observational planning and spectral classification)
  • Alex Lobel (Spectral analysis of A-type stars in the GES)
  • Thierry Morel (Spectral analysis of B-type stars in the GES)
  • Artemio Herrero (Spectral analysis of O-type stars in the GES)
  • Maria Fernanda Nieva (B-star abundance analysis)
  • Hugues Sana (Binarity in clusters)
  • Sylvia Ekström (Stellar evolution of massive stars)
  • Danny Lennon (Tarantula Surveys with VLT-Flames, Hubble and Gaia)
  • Simone Daflon (Galactic abundance gradient)
  • Nate Bastian (Massive stars in the cluster context)

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